before we tell you about us…

what about you?


Do your parents ask when you’re going to get married and have kids, with little regard for what you want? 


We want grandbabies, they say. You need to carry on the family name. Remember David and Marsha? They just had twin boys! What about that nice doctor you met? We figured that was going somewhere. 


Annoying, isn’t it?


Have you ever been on a date with someone who told you that they’re twice divorced, they have three kids, and they’re struggling a bit to make ends meet? Then, when you shared that you’ve never been married and don’t have kids they asked if there’s something wrong with you? 


Does that make any goddamn sense whatsoever?


Do your married friends relentlessly complain about their lives? Do they tell you that they’re miserable or that their husband is a lazy dick or that their wife is a controlling bitch or that they can’t remember the last time they had decent sex?  Do they also take every opportunity to tell you that you should get married and have kids?


Um, what?


Do perfect strangers pat you on the head when you tell them that you’re not married and don’t have kids? Do they say things like hang in there and you’re going to be fine and don’t worry, it’ll happen when you least expect it? 


Yeah, fuck that.

welcome to NOMANOKI.


We may sound like an upscale sushi bar, but…


NOMANOKI is short for: No Marriage No Kids.


We are a judgment-free, fun-loving, sex-positive community for individuals and couples who aren’t doing the whole marriage and kids thing.


Maybe you’re single and loving it. Maybe the idea of getting married and having kids makes you throw up a little (or, a lot). Maybe you’re in a loving, committed relationship and you and your partner have made a conscious decision to stay unmarried and kid-free. Maybe you’re divorced and you never EVER want to get married again. Or, maybe you’re just really fucking tired of people treating you differently because you’ve never been married and don’t have kids.


Whatever your story is, we’re glad you’re here.

we kinda, sorta have a mission

at NOMANOKI we aim to:

Reduce the stigma around being an adult who isn’t married and doesn’t have kids

Provide a judgment-free community for people living the NOMANOKI lifestyle.

Promote emotional health and well-being, so you can live your best NOMANOKI life. 

Challenge the notion that getting married and having kids is the only path to fulfillment.

Curious to know more?  Visit our FAQs page.